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Secure your home by repairing your glass doors and windows

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Looking after your home matters. Not only is it important for your comfort and the proper enjoyment of your property but in many cases, it is also vital that your home is maintained properly so that it remains secure. If an intruder is seeking to enter your property, then the most likely points of entry will be the doors and windows. To ensure the security of your home, a broken or cracked pane of glass in a door or window must be replaced without delay. Read More»

Three Ways A Glass Splashback Can Improve A Kitchen

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A splashback needs to work both in terms of function and aesthetics, protecting the walls from food splats and beautifying the space. A glass model will help on both these fronts. Here are four ways a glass splashback improves a kitchen.  Brightens Up A Room Glass is highly reflective and spread across the wall; it will bounce light around the kitchen, creating a brighter, more pleasant space. More illumination will open up the room so that it feels larger. Read More»

Two Risks Associated With Not Promptly Replacing a Broken Window Pane in Your Commercial Office

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If a window pane in your commercial office has broken, it is important to have it replaced by a tradesperson who provides glass replacement services as soon as possible. Here are two potential risks of not replacing it promptly. Your employees may sustain injuries or damage their clothing When a window breaks, the pane may shatter into multiple pieces. Most of these pieces will usually land on the area of the floor nearest the window; these can be swept or hoovered up quite quickly. Read More»