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3 Benefits of Frameless Shower Screens for Your Bathroom

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The bathroom is one of the hardest to maintain parts of the home. The shower and the toilet keep the environment moist at all times, and if you are not careful, the moisture can lead to water damage, rotting and damage to your tile and grout. Shower screens are important because they separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom area. They also prevent the water and steam from the shower from reaching the rest of the bathroom. Read More»

Are You Contemplating Home Window Tinting? Read This!

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Although window tinting has been commonly associated with auto glass, there has been a growing demand for residential window tinting, as more and more homeowners are becoming familiar with the range of advantages that these tints offer for commercial spaces too. And when you consider Australia’s extreme climatic conditions, you will begin to consider seriously the various ways in which investing in window tinting will be an investment for your specific home. Read More»

Reasons To Install A Glass Shower

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When upgrading a bathroom, one of the major components you’ll need to consider is the shower. Here are several reasons to upgrade to a frameless glass model.  Offers Various Shapes and Sizes You’ll have plenty of configurations available when installing a glass shower, allowing you to maximise your particular bathroom space. Select between square, rectangle, hexagonal or circular designs. Rather than buying off the shelf, you could custom design a shower. Read More»