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2 Installation Techniques You Can Consider For Stained Glass

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Even as interior design elements have steadily become distinguished by modern elements, what may be considered as old touches still have a mainstay in modernist interior design. One such feature that has been around for centuries but still adds a charming, vintage feel to any home is stained glass. Generally speaking, two main types of stained glass are used. The first is cathedral glass, which is characterised by being transparent. Read More»

How to Brighten Up a Dark Room in the Home

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If your home has a room without exterior windows or that only has small windows that don’t bring in much light, you might note some simple decorating tips to lighten that space. These can keep any room of your home bright, cheerful and welcoming. Use high-gloss paint High-gloss paint, as the name implies, has a very shiny, glossy finish. This finish can actually reflect light more than a flat, matte or otherwise dull paint finish. Read More»