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Ways To Adapt a New Glass Shower

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During a renovation, you can customise a new glass shower in varied ways to harmonise it with your particular bathroom. Consider the following aspects that you can adapt.


You need to decide on the framing level you want for a new glass shower. Options include fully framed screens that feature a metal border around each edge. On the other hand, frameless showers use small but sturdy hinges and brackets to connect the enclosure.

A middle option is a semi-frameless shower, which has limited framing. For example, it might have a metal border along the vertical edges where the glass and wall meet. And the edging may continue along the horizontal top and bottom of the screens. However, the door is mainly free of metal besides the hinges.

You may wonder what the difference is. Well, frameless showers tend to disappear from view, so they create an open and spacious feeling in a bathroom, being ultra-sleek. Conversely, the metal borders on fully framed showers confine the shower area, distinguishing it from the rest of the room. This separation of the bathroom into zones will make it feel smaller, as a chunk of space is removed, which may not be the best in a compact bathroom.

Custom or Premade

Typically, fully framed showers are pre-manufactured. So you can choose between shapes and sizes: square, hexagonal, or rectangular, for example. The variety lets you choose the best option for your bathroom.

On the other hand, you could create a custom shower, which typically uses frameless screens. Contractors can connect different-sized screens to create the perfect shower for the setting. In a small bathroom, you could create a narrow shower or a slightly smaller one. You could alternatively luxuriate in a massive shower if you have a large bathroom.

You can also custom design a shower that's fully framed if you wish. For example, you might want to create an enclosure with a black matte metal edging to give your bathroom a vintage feel. Custom showers provide you with design freedom, but you'll pay more than for a prefabricated shower.

Glass Options

If you're customising a shower, you can choose from a wide range of glass for the screens. The transparent glass features a faint green tinge that you can overcome by installing low iron glass. If you desire privacy in your shower, you could opt for decorative frosted or textured glass shower screens. The surface of frosted glass is treated with acid etching or sandblasting techniques to create designs. Textured glass is moulded with 3D patterns during manufacture.