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Two Risks Associated With Not Promptly Replacing a Broken Window Pane in Your Commercial Office

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If a window pane in your commercial office has broken, it is important to have it replaced by a tradesperson who provides glass replacement services as soon as possible. Here are two potential risks of not replacing it promptly.

Your employees may sustain injuries or damage their clothing

When a window breaks, the pane may shatter into multiple pieces. Most of these pieces will usually land on the area of the floor nearest the window; these can be swept or hoovered up quite quickly. However, there may also be sections of the broken pane that remain attached to the frame of the window. These sections may have extremely sharp edges. If you leave a window in your office in this condition for a long period of time, there is a risk that one of your employees may be injured by it, or they may hve their clothing damaged by the glass.

For example, if a staff member leans too close to the broken pane or accidentally brushes their hand up against it, the broken glass may lacerate their skin. This could leave them with anything from a small scratch to a serious, deep wound that requires medical attention.

Likewise, if they are wearing flowy, loose clothing and they walk past the window, their garment may snag on a shard of glass and tear. If this happens and the garment in question was expensive, they may request that you cover the cost of replacing it.

As such, if you wish to ensure that your employees remain safe and that their personal belongings aren't damaged by the broken glass, you should arrange to have it replaced sooner rather than later.

It could affect the air quality in your office

In order to ensure the safety and well-being of both your staff members and visiting clients, it is important to manage the air quality in your office and make sure that it does not deteriorate.

Failing to replace a broken window in your office could potentially make it hard for you to do this. The opening in the glass pane could, for example, allow a steady flow of car fumes from the nearby roads to enter your office space. Furthermore, the airborne dust that floats in through the broken window throughout each workday could aggravate the lungs of any employees who have dust allergies.

Sealing up this opening with a new pane of glass will drastically reduce the number of outdoor pollutants that get into your office and reduce its air quality.