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Three Ways A Glass Splashback Can Improve A Kitchen

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A splashback needs to work both in terms of function and aesthetics, protecting the walls from food splats and beautifying the space. A glass model will help on both these fronts. Here are four ways a glass splashback improves a kitchen. 

Brightens Up A Room

Glass is highly reflective and spread across the wall; it will bounce light around the kitchen, creating a brighter, more pleasant space. More illumination will open up the room so that it feels larger. For smaller kitchens, using glass is a simple way to expand the area. Any daylight that flows in via a window or skylight will amplify with the help of the splashback. Artificial light, too, will receive a boost. Install undercabinet lights to generate a sophisticated touch.

Offers Numerous Design Possibilities

A glass splashback will help you to integrate the entire kitchen design. With a massive range of hues to select from on a colour chart, you can finetune its tone to complement other elements, such as benchtops, cupboards and appliances. This versatility allows you to match the wall colour for a seamless transition between the two surfaces. Alternatively, you can make a statement with a forest green splashback, making sure to include some timber or rattan elements in the design. You could even spread metallic paint on the back of the glass. Digital prints provide more choices; select any high-quality image to personalise the design. Images of substrates, such as granite or sand, add dimension. Pair a red brick pattern with clean, light surfaces that look like timber for your take on an industrial kitchen. 

Provides a Durable and Easy-To-Clean Option

The splashback is at the coalface when it comes to cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. Lining the wall behind the benchtop and stove, it bears the majority of the inevitable splatters and splats that go with food preparation, so you want to know that it will stand up to the task. A glass splashback is exceptionally durable and easy to clean. Made from toughened glass, which has about five times the strength of a standard window pane, it withstands cooktop heat and constant washing and cleaning with little effect. Simply use a basic glass cleaner to keep it lustrous and smooth. Without grout that catches grime and mould, you don't have to worry about scrubbing difficult-to-clean joins. Often, glass splashbacks use one to three panels that connect seamlessly with invisible sealant, providing a sleek expanse of glass. 

For more information on glass splashbacks, contact a glass store.