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3 Benefits of Frameless Shower Screens for Your Bathroom

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The bathroom is one of the hardest to maintain parts of the home. The shower and the toilet keep the environment moist at all times, and if you are not careful, the moisture can lead to water damage, rotting and damage to your tile and grout. Shower screens are important because they separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom area. They also prevent the water and steam from the shower from reaching the rest of the bathroom. 

Although there are many shower screen types in the market, many homeowners prefer frameless shower screens. They have numerous benefits that cause their popularity to rise each day. Here are three benefits that you will get when you install frameless shower screens in your home. 

They Are Attractive

When choosing a shower screen, you want something that will blend in and not distract from the general style inside the bathroom. Frameless shower screens are understated and barely noticeable. They do not have frame details that distract you when you get into the bathroom.

The glass also allows more light into the room and creates the illusion of spatial continuity, making the bathroom very elegant.

They Are Easy to Clean

The frame is the part of the shower screen that is most likely to accumulate dirt and grime. The most common material used to make the frames is aluminium. Some metal frames stain easily, and if you are not careful with the cleaning and maintenance, the frames will be an eyesore in the bathroom. The edges also form a coating of scum, especially in places with hard water. This creates a permanent dullness, which is very unattractive on the frames.

However, you won't deal with the stains, the handprints, and the scum when you install frameless shower screens. With simple cleaning, these shower screens will help maintain elegance in your bathroom for decades.

They Are Hygienic

Think about the number of people sharing the bathrooms in your home. If you have framed shower screens and everyone is touching them on their way into the shower, you will soon have a breeding ground for bacteria and other pathogens. However, frameless screens do not have pockets where germs can hide, and this makes them safer for homes with many people sharing the bathrooms.

The secret to getting superior-quality frameless screens is getting them from the most reliable suppliers and finding a professional to install them in your bathroom. They will provide elegance, are hygienic and protect the rest of the bathroom from moisture damage.