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Reasons To Install A Glass Shower

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When upgrading a bathroom, one of the major components you'll need to consider is the shower. Here are several reasons to upgrade to a frameless glass model. 

Offers Various Shapes and Sizes

You'll have plenty of configurations available when installing a glass shower, allowing you to maximise your particular bathroom space. Select between square, rectangle, hexagonal or circular designs. Rather than buying off the shelf, you could custom design a shower. Going this path allows you to select unusual shapes and sizes so that you could install a long rectangular shower or an extra-large one.

You can also decide whether or not your shower needs a door. Some designs simply include a fixed panel, adjacent to two corner walls, to form a three-sided walk-in space. This type of structure bridges the gap between a traditional four-sided shower and a wet room. 

Creates A Luxurious Sense

Smooth glass screens create a sense of luxury in a bathroom, particularly frameless models. It's difficult for a poky area to feel luxurious, and glass showers help by evoking a sense of space and openness. As you can see through the enclosure to the wall behind, the bathroom feels larger. Continuing the same floor tiles both inside and outside the enclosure will seem to extend the floor area. 

To add to the indulgence factor, construct a corner seat inside the shower, continuing the wall tiles and add recessed shelving to hold soap and shampoo. That way, you don't have to build assorted accessories that clutter up the space; you'll maintain a clean, minimalist feel. No matter how large or small your bathroom is, a glass shower will help you to create a spa-like atmosphere.

Gives Decorative Glass Options

Just clear glass is a beautiful substance that evokes the beauty of an icy glacier or a smooth, still lake. But you can further enhance its beauty with a range of design options. Shower screens can display etches of elegant filigrees or geometric designs; these effects evoke images of a frosty window on a cold morning. Patterned glass screens display dimensional shapes across the surface that might mimic, for instance, rainwater running down a window. With a vast array of designs, you can choose minimal even frosting or else pick from the many intricate designs on offer. The decorations across the glass will disguise soap scum, reducing your cleaning tasks. Additionally, decorative glazing obscures the view for a more private shower. 

For more information on frameless glass showers, reach out to a glass company near you.