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Why It's Important to Have Your Home's Windows Replaced

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If your home has older windows, you may not think it's very important to replace them; many homeowners often think of replacing features that enhance the appearance of a home, such as flooring or benchtops, before they think about new windows. However, while flooring, benchtops and every other detail and feature of a home are important, note why you want to think seriously about replacing those windows.

Water damage

If you can feel cold or hot air coming in from around the window frames, this means that they're not sealed properly. Not only do improperly sealed windows let in air from outside, but they can also be letting in water and moisture. You may not realise this is happening, as the water typically gets absorbed by the home's framework before it reaches the interior of the window frames. However, this water damage can lead to a weakening of the framework around the home, as well as mould growth. To avoid this, have the windows replaced when you know they no longer properly fit the frame.


Low-quality, older windows are often made with one thin pane of glass that's very easy to break, making it easier for a thief to access your home. This can also be dangerous during storms when pebbles, gravel and other debris are flying around, potentially hitting the home's windows; old windows may also easily break from an errant toy. Thick glass, double-glazed panes or laminated glass, which is made with a type of plastic mixture, can ensure your windows stay strong and resist breaking.


Your home's windows should protect the interior of the house; double-glazed windows can insulate the home, and tinted or reflective glass will bounce sunlight off the front, protecting your houseplants, carpeting and furniture from damage and fading. Wood floors are also susceptible to damage from too much light and heat, so tinted windows can be good for a home with timber floors.

Marble or stone floors can also hold heat or cold; during summertime, in a home with older windows that don't block sunlight, your stone floors may be literally too hot to walk on. If the windows allow in cold air during wintertime, those stone floors may also get icy cold. Humidity that comes in with summertime heat can get trapped in the attic or upper floors and cause damage to the home's building materials. To protect the home's interior from all this potential damage, have the windows replaced when needed.