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What to Consider When Your Home Needs New Windows

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New windows can improve the insulation of a home and its overall appearance; in some cases, new windows can even increase the home's resale value. When you are ready to shop for new windows, you don't want to make your decision based on price alone, as investing in high-quality windows or even something of a different size and style can be the best option over the years. Note a few factors to consider when your home needs new windows so you know the best choice for yourself.


Double-glazed windows have two separate panes that add insulation to the home, but this isn't the only insulating factor to shop for; look for UV-filtering glass if you live in a warm and sunny area. Low-e coatings are put over glass to help make the glass thicker and keep heat and cold from passing through. Other reflective coatings can also keep sunlight from coming through the glass, but note that these coatings should be advertised specifically as being reflective and insulating, otherwise they may only darken a window and add some shade but not provide much of an insulating factor.


When having new windows installed in a home, why not consider increasing their size or adding a new sash entirely? Consider if there are dark and dim areas of the home and if larger windows would help to brighten the space; this can help increase a home's resale value, as homebuyers often prefer large window and bright spaces.

Transom windows are placed above a doorway or other window and they can also be hinged at the top, for added air circulation; this can increase the window area of a space very easily. Bay windows, with sections that jut out from the home, can allow sunlight to come in through the sides of the windows and allow for a seating space in the window itself. It's usually not much work for a window installer to cut into the framework around existing windows in order to install larger ones, so don't hesitate to go up a size when choosing new windows.


Along with reconsidering the size of windows, why not reconsider the style? For rooms where you might not ever open the windows, opt for stationery panes. This can eliminate the hardware and open areas around the windows that often let in drafts. A picture window is one large pane of glass that can span an entire wall, so it adds style and size to the window area, making the space bright and attractive.