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Three Things You Should Do Before Commencing Any Repair on Your Broken Window

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The first thing you will do when you notice that one of your glass windows is broken is start preparing for repairs immediately. This is the case especially when you notice that nothing has gone missing from your house. While being quick to repair a broken window seems like a good idea, it is prudent to find out what caused the breakage.The fact that nothing has been stolen from your home should not convince you that your privacy and safety is protected. Therefore, in case you return home to a broken window that you cannot explain, here are steps you can take before getting started on the repair process.

Inform Local Police — The first thing you should do when you find out that one of your windows has been broken is to inform your local law enforcement authority. While it is possible that a broken window will be caused by innocent children playing a ball game, it is also likely that someone might have entered your house and left no traces. Therefore, you should not take any chance or make assumptions. The police will carry out an investigation to determine whether the broken window was caused by malicious or innocent factors. You should only commence repair work after establishing the cause of your home's broken window.

Do Not Touch the Window — Occasionally, you might be tempted to examine the extent of a broken glass by getting close and touching it. If the breakage was caused through malice, then you should refrain from touching anything to avoid interfering with collection of evidence. The police should find the underlying cause of a possible home invasion, but you should make their work as easy as possible. That is, you should not touch anything around the scene of crime until the police arrive.

Talk to Neighbors — While you are away, neighbors are well placed to provide information regarding the happenings around your home. Therefore, after calling the police, you should talk to some of your neighbors to get a clear picture of what actually led to the breakage of your window. Additionally, if you do not have surveillance cameras installed in your property, chances are that one of your neighbors does. In such cases, you can request for footage to see what happened. The video feed can also be shared with the police to help with investigation or prosecution in a court of law.