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3 Reason You Should Immediately Repair a Cracked Window

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If a window in your home has suffered a crack, you may be tempted to put off having it repaired. However, by ignoring the damage, you could be creating further problems. Below is a guide to 3 reasons you should have a cracked window pane repaired as soon as possible.

A cracked window can create a draft

Even an extremely small crack can cause air to enter and escape through the window. This can have a big impact on your home energy bills. During the colder months, the crack will allow a cold draft to enter your home, meaning you have to use your home heating system more frequently to keep your home warm. During the warmer months of the year, the crack will allow warm air to enter your home, which means your air conditioning system will become inefficient. Getting a cracked window repaired will help you to maintain a comfortable environment in your home.

A crack may expand over time

If you do not repair cracked glass, it may expand and spread across the window pane. The longer you leave the crack, the larger it will become. As the crack becomes larger, it can weaken the glass to the point where it fails completely. Sudden failure of the glass can place your family at risk as shards of glass may suddenly fall into the interior of your home. A complete failure can also place your home's security at risk, as the failure may occur when you are not home, creating an ideal entry point for an intruder.

A cracked window can allow insects and bugs to enter your home

While the crack in your window may look tiny, it could be allowing bugs and insects to enter your home. No one wants their home to be infested with flies, spiders and mosquitoes. If you notice an increase in the volume of insects in your home, you should seriously consider having the crack repaired. If you do not, you may have to deal with a major infestation of pests. This may mean that you have to pay to have the pest removed as well having the glass window repaired.

When you have to deal with a cracked window, you should contact a window repair company. A glass contractor will be able to assess the damage before repairing the crack. If the crack is severe, the contractor may recommend that you have the entire window replaced.