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Unique Ways of Incorporating Glass into Your Home

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For some homeowners, glass is a material that is relegated to windows, doors and maybe balustrading. However, these are not the exclusive ways that you can use glass in and around your home. Contemporary glass is put through a tempering process, which makes it resistant to high impact and less likely to break. This decreases the chance of unnecessary glass repairs. As such, glass can now be used for an assortment of applications in your home to enhance the uniqueness of your décor choices. Below are some of the unique ways of incorporating glass into your home.

Benchtops made from glass

Kitchen benchtops are typically made from utilitarian materials that have high performance. However, if you have a modern kitchen and would like to keep with your contemporary theme, then you should consider glass benchtops. Since these benchtops are made from toughened glass, you do not have to worry about them chipping or breaking prematurely.

In addition to this, the smooth surface of glass makes it easy to clean. This non-porous surface also ensures that it will not harbour any bacteria after food preparation.

Glass benchtops are also great for uniformity as they can add contemporary elegance when they are installed in your bathrooms too. Your glass benchtops do not have to be clear. If you would like to add some visual interest, opt for coloured benchtops that will make your counters stand out. This also makes it easy for you to have a consistent colour palette throughout your home.

Bricks made from glass

Some people may be under the false assumption that glass bricks are only functional as decorative elements of the home. The truth of the matter though is that these bricks have a lot to offer when it comes to improving your residence. They are typically used in the bathroom but can also be installed in other spaces around your home.

For instance, if you are looking to increase the amount of natural light that is streaming into your premises, a wall comprising glass bricks would be a great addition. The glass can be opaque so as to ensure that you maintain your privacy, so you would not have to wonder about nosy neighbours.

Secondly, glass bricks would be an ideal way to enhance the insulation of your home. This is because the glass bricks are hollow, which enables them to trap air inside them, hence allowing them to act as an additional layer of insulation. This is particularly great for shower enclosures if you would like to keep the area warm.  

If you have problems with any of the glass in your home, contact a glass repair company.